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WAY OF LIFE resistance bands & sliding pads (F)

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The Story

Your next level WAY OF LIFE workout starts here!

A combination deal that you should not skip as a sporty IFM member. With these sliding pads and resistance bands you can take your workout to the next level. Get that adrenaline shot... ;-)

Why the WAY OF LIFE sliding pads & resistance bands?
Intermittent fasting and workouts are a good combination to take your fitness to the next level.
Exercise while fasting is experienced differently by everyone, but it is really a must. It is a combination of meditation and strengthening our complete 'being'. The WAY OF LIFE sliding pads offer a training with little to no impact, which means that the exercises are gentle on the joints. The exercises can be performed on a smooth floor!

These small, flat round discs are designed to create a sliding surface between your hands or feet and the floor. So instead of lifting your arms or legs during bodyweight exercises, slide your hands and feet across the floor while supporting your full weight.

A strong core - the center of your body consisting of your back, abdomen and pelvis - not only gives you a better posture, but also fewer body complaints. Your spine is better protected because your muscles form a kind of natural corset. It increases your stability, ensures optimal power transfer over the entire muscle chain and prevents back pain and injuries.
Training for 15 to 20 minutes daily - at home or outdoors - with the resistance bands help to make your body even stronger. Train your back, abdomen, legs, shoulders, chest, arms, hips, buttocks, ankles...

Action Guide (resistance bands)
There is also a 17-page action guide with 14 exercises especially for men.
Of the 14 there are 4 PRO INSIDE exercises.

2 by Michael Krikemans. Since 2015, ex-pro basketball player Michael Krikemans has been active as a personal trainer at Sportclub Het Eiland, where he combines his personal experiences with various training methods and appropriate nutritional tips, tailored to each individual. As a Master Coach at Aventuz Academy, Michael, together with Stijn Morand, teaches module 5: Strength & Conditioning of their extensive training offer.

And 2 of Johan Gerets, ex-footballer and son of Eric Gerets, has been working for 10 years as a Personal Trainer (MoveToCure) & the Performance Coach of the Red Devils. In addition, he provides training to PTs from his self-founded Aventuz Academy.

Strength of the resistance bands
The resistance bands for women have one length with three different strengths.
The resistance bands for men have the same strength but three different lengths.

Grey - soft
Pink - medium
black - strong

Further information
Contents: 2 sliding pads (1 pair) + 3 resistance bands (difference in strength: soft, medium and strong) for women
Material: resistance bands - elastane, elastic | sliding pads - foam
Color: resistance bands - black, pink, grey | sliding pads - black with white