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WAY OF LIFE cold brew bottle (1 liter - with straw)

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The Story

The WAY OF LIFE cold brew bottle is specially designed so you can easily clean your body all day long with our cold brew ice tea. This cold brew eco bottle is of course also ideal for children, we also like to see them with healthy sugar-free drinks!

Our cold brew eco bottle is completely free from harmful substances (100% BPA free). It is sustainable, reusable, splinter free, scratch resistant and odourless.

How to... make a delicious ice tea?
Add the 'cold brew' ice tea sachet and 1 liter of cold and filtered water into the cold brew eco bottle. Let it steep in the refrigerator for at least 6 hours. Add fruit of your choice and optionally you can add a dash of elderflower. Keep a ratio of 1/10. Enjoy this delicious and healthy cold brew ice tea in this WAY OF LIFE cold brew eco bottle!

How to... keep your WAY OF LIFE cold brew eco bottle in the best condition?
We recommend you to clean the cold brew eco bottle with a little detergent. So it is not recommended to put it in the dishwasher.

The WAY OF LIFE cold brew eco bottle is supplied in recyclable cardboard.

FYI: the bottle is made of Tritan material, it can withstand large temperature differences. So if you feel like one of our hot brew flavours, you can too. Enjoy!

Further information
Content: 1000 ml (with straw)
Material: tritan
Color: dark grey with white letters
When opening the packaging, do not forget to remove the moisture absorber bag from the bottle!
Do not use in microwave oven!