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Cold brew Detox

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The Story

Detox & Balance

It's all about balance... Let this just be a good balance in your daily need for a delicious drink!

A special formula of green tea with lemon to create a fresh energetic blend.

This cold brew ice tea is suitable during fasting for those who live an Intermittent Fasting Matchapolitan lifestyle.

How to... make a delicious ice tea?
Add the 'cold brew' ice tea sachet to 1 liter of cold and filtered water. Let it steep in the refrigerator for at least 6 hours. Add fruit of your choice and optionally you can add a dash of elderflower. Keep a ratio of 1/10. Enjoy this delicious and healthy cold brew ice tea!
FYI: when you're following the Intermittent Fasting (Matchapolitan) Lifestyle, you can only spice up your cold brew ice tea with fruit in your food window!

Where do you store your ice tea bags?
It is best to store the ice tea bags in the resealable packaging at room temperature.

More info about this blend...
This blend does not contain e-numbers, no additives and preservatives, no sugar, no milk, no lactose, no soy and it is gluten free!

- supports the fat metabolism.
- supports the immune system.
- good for heart and blood vessels.
- anti-oxidant, to protect healthy cells and tissues.
- maintain a normal blood sugar level.
- good for cholesterol levels.
- supports the renal tract for a good moisture balance.
- maintain a normal blood sugar level.
- protects the skin against aging.
* disclaimer evaluation of health claim is ongoing.

Further information
Content: 12 sachets of 7 grams (1 sachet is suitable for 1 liter mineral water)
Ingredients: green tea, lemon