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"Think and act more consciously, more sustainably and healthily together."

Where we started 7 years ago with the focus on high quality coffee and tea and have created an insanely unique collection here, today we are a brand with an even deeper vision: putting your own health at number 1! How? By questioning things and offering a pure and honest collection that is still of high quality, which we stand behind 300%.

We also create unique blends in collaboration with leading catering businesses, catering businesses of Sergio Herman, but also Botanic Sanctuary (Antwerpen), Fine Fleur (Antwerpen), La Butte Aux Bois (Lanaken), Cafes Meke (Ibiza), Passion Café (Ibiza), Jockey Club (Ibiza), Brasserie Van Dam (Amsterdam) and the famous bakery Vlaamsch Broodhuys (several branches in The Netherlands). Together with New Fysic we have developed a cold brew ice tea that supports their weight loss method.

More and more catering establishments, but also high-quality (beauty) salons, are making more conscious and sustainable choices. For example, they opt for our biodegradable tea collection in which the pyramids are made of biodegradable material (cane sugar and starch) instead of nylon.

Lex Loridon has been the owner of the flagship store in Antwerp since March 2022. He can be found there every day with great pleasure and works with passion to let customers experience the full Cafe Couture experience. Only the best for the best.

When owner, Pieter Loridon, started Intermittent Fasting in September 2019, he felt what the addition of matcha to this lifestyle meant for your body. He started researching and sharing this through social media, from which our well-known hashtags #ifmatchapolitanlifestyle and #wayoflife originated.
Hundreds of customers have started Intermittent Fasting in combination with cleaning through our Matchapolitan and cold brew ice tea collection. They share their stories on social media every day and help and encourage each other to adopt a healthy lifestyle. And all because of the results and the enthusiasm of Pieter about this lifestyle.

Cafe Couture is therefore so much more than a tea and coffee brand today, without a business plan and a clear goal, a "community and awareness" has been created for which we are incredibly grateful.

Of course it is also an enormous added value for Cafe Couture that we have visited our matcha fields in Japan. We have taken an incredible trip through which we have gained even more knowledge and can assure our customers that our matcha is unique and of very high quality. We have the entire process in our own hands and therefore we have full control; from a to Z.
We also used this time in Japan to look for other matcha fields of the same high quality, so we now have 4 unique Premium and Ceremonial matchas in our collection. A natural energy boost straight from the matcha paradise!

After welcoming our vegan matcha capsules to the collection, the idea arose together with our laboratory technician in the Netherlands to look at any deficiencies in your body during Intermittent Fasting. This resulted in surprising results and we felt that we should definitely do something with this. The Fasting Plus, Multi Fast Male and Multi Fast Female are nutritions that provide the right supplement for people who are fasting and / or on a ketogenic diet

A versatile collection that has been seriously thought about and backed by a strong vision. No bullshit, no marketing talk... a pure and honest story where we learn from our own experiences, beliefs and from each other.

In our experience store, the product and people are central. Back to the essentials; so no facades of expensive shopping streets. We value our customers and get a lot of energy from all interaction, both online and in our experience store.

70% of our packaging is carried out in a workshop where people with disabilities help us to package all products. They are of great value within our company and therefore also called our heroes!

We invite people to "De Zetel" where Pieter Loridon likes to talk about health, personal stories and where important headlines are also questioned. We share these episodes via our Instagram and Facebook page, you can also listen to these episodes on Spotify "Cut to Crap". And another nice tip... Don't forget our playlists on Spotify. "Tea Sounds" for a relaxing morning, "Coffee Sounds" for a feel-good afternoon and "Matcha Sounds" if you're in the mood to get your feet off the floor. Good vibes guaranteed!

Our goal is to think and act more consciously, more sustainably and in a healthier way.

We would like to welcome you in our experience store and online.

And remember… Nothing beats love!

Pieter & Lex

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