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WAY OF LIFE resistence bands (M)

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The Story

A strong core - the center of your body consisting of your back, stomach and pelvis - not only gives you a better posture, but also fewer body complaints. Your spine is better protected because your muscles form a kind of natural corset. It increases your stability, ensures optimal power transfer over the entire muscle chain and prevents back pain and injuries.
Training for 15 to 20 minutes daily - at home or outdoor - with the resistance bands help to make your body even stronger. Train your back, stomach, legs, shoulders, chest, arms, hips, buttocks, ankles...

Why the WAY OF LIFE resistance bands?
Intermittent fasting and workouts are a great combination to take your fitness to the next level.
Everyone experiences sports while fasting differently, but it is really a must. It is a combination of meditation and strengthening our complete "being". The multifunctional resistance bands are therefore deliberately chosen because both women and men benefit from them. The exercises can be performed anywhere, so no more excuses!

In addition to the many benefits of a good workout, such as boosting your immune system, it also has a positive effect on your hormones. They are guaranteed to be happy with a good and responsible workout and we do not mean overtraining (too often and / or too long).
Growth hormone and testosterone peaks during your night's sleep, which ensures growth but also recovery. That's why sleep is so important. Therefore, never train too late in the evening and avoid blue light (TV, telephone, tabloids) at least one hour before going to bed, so your body enters 'relax mode' and can produce melatonin. For example, cortisol can peak again in the morning to prepare us for another WAY OF LIFE day with of course a Matchapolitan and a good WAY OF LIFE workout with these resistance bands.
And you also get a free shot of endorphins after a nice workout ;-)

'Ode to my father' - says Pieter
Finally I can give something back. My entire IFM LIFE project is really deep. Not many people know this, but everything has come into a kind of turbo gear when I sat daily past my father's deathbed for several months. During these months, with a vague end goal in sight, I made two plans for myself.
First, that in these last months I was going to say everything to my father that I never said, but should have ever said. My father had dementia. I didn't know how long he would be around or how, but I told him everything. Until the last week, he told me about the creativity of some entrepreneurs. How proud he would have been of all this here: a stability workout while fasting and preferably a shot of Matchapolitan which provides that conscious positive state of mind. Another level of meditation in a workout that results in double fat burn.
And second, yeah ... that fucking dementia. I then read that fasting could also have positive effects on our state of mind, Alzheimer's and dementia. You will of course understand why I went further into IF.
How fierce as dear people. This story is 200% correct. Because ... hold on, when I asked the doctor how long my father still had to live, he replied: “I don't know, it could take years. But when people can no longer stand up, experience quickly teaches me. " And it was. I think it was really hard for my father to get up for the last seven weeks. From that moment on I started strengthening my core by doing exercises and now I go a step further with the resistance bands. And of course I want to share it with you.
Enough emotions, let's turn to this IFM workout plan!
Go get yours now and train together!

Strength of the resistance bands
Grey - light
Green - medium
Black - strong

Further information
Content: 3 resistence bands (difference in strength: light, medium and strong) for men
Material: fabric with triple grip
Color: black, green and grey