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WAY OF LIFE sliding pads

Price: €15,00

The Story

We got you with your WAY OF LIFE workouts!

What are the WAY OF LIFE sliding pads?

These small, flat round discs are designed to create a sliding surface between your hands of feet and the floor. So instead of lifting your arms or legs, slide your hands and feet across the floor supporting your full weight.

Why the WAY OF LIFE sliding pads?
Intermittent fasting and workouts are a good combination to take your fitness to the next level.
Exercise while fasting is experienced differently by everyone, but it is really a must. It is a combination of meditation and strengthening our complete 'being'. The WAY OF LIFE sliding pads offer a training with little to no impact, which means that the exercises are gentle on the joints. The exercises can be performed on a smooth floor!

In addition to the many benefits of a good workout, such as boosting your immune system, it also has a positive effect on your hormones. They are guaranteed to be happy with a good and responsible workout and we do not mean overtraining (too often and / or too long).
Growth hormone and testosterone peaks during your night's sleep, which ensures growth but also recovery. That's why sleep is so important. Therefore, never train too late in the evening and avoid blue light (TV, telephone, tabloids) at least one hour before going to bed, so your body enters 'relax mode' and can produce melatonin. For example, cortisol can peak again in the morning to prepare us for another WAY OF LIFE day with of course a Matchapolitan and a good WAY OF LIFE workout with these sliding pads.
And you also get a free shot of endorphins after a nice workout ;-)

Further information
Content: 2 sliding pads (1 pair) with bag
Material: foam
Color: black with white