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Multi Fast Female

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The Story

What is a Multi Fast Female Capsule?
Our Multi Fast Female Capsules are capsules that are suitable for those who live or experience an Intermittent Lifestyle and / or ketogenic diet. Note: this naturally includes a healthy lifestyle.
The capsule contains a multivitamin containing vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K. But also with; copper, zinc, selenium, iron, iodine and black grape extract.
We have added resveratrol which is known as a great antioxidant!"


Why did we develop these Multi Fast Female Capsules?

Owner Pieter Loridon has been giving in to the Intermittent Fasting Matchapolitan Lifestyle since September 2019. Because of this lifestyle, he has now lost more than 20 kilos, he feels energetic and dares to look in the mirror again when he brushes his teeth with a bare upper body. After the Immunity Capsules, another important supplement was missing from the collection. A good multivitamin and of course with the focus on the Intermittent Fasting lifestyle. Together with the lab technician, he looked for a nice connection to this lifestyle and from that the Multi Fast Male was created. Especially for men who live or experience an Intermittent Fasting and / or ketogenic diet.

Pieter also likes to tell you about it himself ...
Hi folks!

The time when it was "thought" that Intermittent Fasting life and ketogenic diet was a hype that would blow over has become more than clear that this is here to stay and how!

An awakening to the highest degree and learning to look critically at what they have made us believe is the basis of these lifestyles. This way we learn every day and we continue to analyze further. What a trip!

That is why we went back to the lab with our lab technician to analyze the Intermittent Fasting life and ketogenic diet. The many benefits and yet look at where added value can be given. A support, because yes… by learning to look and analyze differently, we become healthier. Yet our body could use some extra support. That is why this unique composition is based on what we might eat or receive just a little less. Because that's the way it is. We eat less and more consciously.
Take a look at this extensive composition and it is precisely composed for what we can use extra and would be welcome as support.

1 + 1 = 11! And yes ... for ladies and men this composition is different depending on their needs. We're lovin it!

Nothing beats LOVE, Pieter

What is the difference between the Multi Fast Male and Multi Fast Female?
You can see the differences between the Male and Female Multi Fast capsules when you look at the quantities. Giving an example; vitamin C is 185mg for men and 170mg for women, nicotinamide is 34mg for men and 26mg for women.

On average, women need less than men, mainly because they are lighter on average. Science assumes that women are on average 80% against men 100%. This is reflected in the compositions of the Multi Fast capsules.
We have placed extra emphasis on the well-being and beauty of the women. Therefore, the OPC / resveratrol, vitamin D3, vitamin E, and iron is comparatively higher for the women.
For men, we look a little more at energy and B vitamins.

At first glance it will not be spectacular differences, but nutritionally it does make a difference.

The filling of the Multi Fast Male Capsules is in-house by Café Couture, this is done in the Netherlands to be able to monitor it properly. We work closely with a high-quality laboratory, which we believe is an enormous added value. With this laboratory we look together and with great precision at the ingredients that we have brought together in this Multi Fast Male Capsule. 'Every time I am impressed by the know-how / experience of this chief analyst.' - says Pieter (owner of Café Couture).

How to… take your Multi Fast Female Capsule?
Take 1 Multi Fast Female Capsule with enough water at the start of your food window and take 1 Multi Fast Female Capsule with enough water at the last meal of the same food window. Maximum 2 capsules per day.

Our supplement line is structured in such a way that the Multi Fast Male / Female is the basis and you can add the Fasting Plus and / or Immunity capsules as an extra!

The capsule is made from olein - suitable for a halal, kosher or vegetarian lifestyle;
Do not exceed the recommended daily dose;
Free from possible allergens;
Store at room temperature in a dry and dark place;
Keep out of the reach of children;
This is a dietary supplement and cannot replace a healthy and varied diet.

Further information
Content: 60 capsules (or with gift box)
Ingredients: cellulose (capsule & filler), vitamins, minerals, black grape extract (high OPC and resveratrol)
Nutrients - 1 capsule contains: vitamin C - 170mg, vitamin K1 - 40mg, nicotinamide B3 - 26mg, blue grape extract (OPC) - 33mg, of which resveratrol - 11mg, vitamin D3 - 10mg, pantothenic acid B5 - 8.5mg, iron - 8mg, zinc - 7mg, vitamin B6 - 2.8mg, vitamin B2 - 2.3mg, vitamin B1 - 2mg, copper - 0.5mg, vitamin A - 680mcg, folic acid B11 - 300mcg, iodine - 75mcg, biotin B9 - 50mcg, selenium - 32mcg, Vitamin E - 12mcg, Chromium - 10mcg, Vitamin B12 - 2.8mcg