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Fasting Plus Capsules (UNISEX)

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The Story

Why did we develop these Fasting Plus Capsules?
At Cafe Couture we always strive for even more depth and know how about a healthy lifestyle and we are happy to integrate the Intermittent Fasting Matchapolitan Lifestyle into everyone's life. Of course with pure discipline and willpower from you.
The next step is therefore logical for us; the Fasting Plus Capsules. Together with our lab technician we made an analysis and the Fasting Plus Capsule was created from that. This supplement is an enormous added value for people who live an Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle and who also exercise or fast for longer than 16 hours.

By fasting you put your body under stress with of course many health benefits, but it is also very important to give your body the extra nutrients it needs.

It ensures proper muscle function and supports our senses when your body goes into ketosis. We would be happy to explain this to you!
The pituitary gland is a very important hormone gland in your brain, which is responsible for many processes in your body. Consider your metabolism, stress level and reproduction. The pituitary gland plays a major role in this.
The pituitary gland ensures that your body is in balance (homeostasis) and is in continuous contact with various hormones in your body. Does it get a signal that there is a shortage somewhere? Then the pituitary gland will help ensure that there is a supply for the shortage.

For a healthy pituitary gland, your body needs vitamin B6, vitamin D and magnesium. That is why we developed this Fasting Plus Capsule. It is an addition to your healthy Intermittent Fasting Matchapolitan Lifestyle.

The filling of the Fasting Plus Capsules is done in-house by Café Couture, this is done in the Netherlands to be able to monitor it properly. We work closely with a high-quality laboratory, which we believe is an enormous added value. With this laboratory we look together and with great precision at the ingredients that we have brought together in this Fasting Plus Capsule. 'Every time I am impressed by the know-how / experience of this chief analyst.' - says Pieter (owner of Café Couture).

What is a Fasting Plus Capsule?
Our Fasting Plus Capsules are capsules that are suitable for those who live or experience an Intermittent Lifestyle and thereby exercise and fast longer than 16 hours. Note: this naturally includes a healthy lifestyle.
The capsule contains vitamin B6, vitamin D and magnesium.


The benefits ...
- supports the senses;
- ensures proper functioning of the muscles;
- supports the homeostasis of the body.

How to… take your Fasting Plus Capsule?
Take 2 Fasting Plus Capsules with plenty of water. Maximum 2 capsules per day.

Our supplement line is structured in such a way that the Multi Fast Male / Female is the basis and you can add the Fasting Plus and / or Immunity capsules as an extra!

The capsule is made from olein - suitable for a halal, kosher or vegetarian lifestyle;
Do not exceed the recommended daily dose;
Free from possible allergens;
Store at room temperature in a dry and dark place;
Keep out of the reach of children;
This is a dietary supplement and cannot replace a healthy and varied diet.

Further information
Content: 60 capsules (or with gift box)
Ingredients: magnesium citrate, cellulose (capsule & filler), pyridoxin-HCI, cholecalciferol
Nutrients - 1 capsule contains: 15mg magnesium - 10mcg vitamin D - 2mg vitamin B6