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ME? NO! against menopause

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The Story


What is a ME-NO Capsule?

The ME-NO capsules are specially formulated for women in and after the transition. The capsule contains hop extract, l-arginine, zinc, vitamin B6 and D.
We have looked at where the shortages often arise during and after the transition.


Why did we develop these ME-NO Capsules?
After the launch of the online course HACK YOUR MENOPAUSE - on the WAY OF LIFE online platform - a supplement for this specific group of women could not be missed. In collaboration with Hormone Expert Josephine Meyer, Cafe Couture has developed a supplement that focuses on the deficiencies that arise during menopause.

Unfortunately, hormone production decreases when women enter menopause. Especially the female hormones estrogen and progesterone decrease during this phase, while they have many positive effects in our body. They are responsible for all kinds of important processes in our body, such as: mood, memory, rest and temperature regulation.
As a result, shortages arise more easily and that is what we want to prevent at all times. With this supplement we respond to the shortages.

The filling of the ME-NO Capsules is in-house by Cafe Couture, this is done in the Netherlands to be able to monitor it properly. We work closely with a high-quality laboratory, which we believe is an enormous added value. With this laboratory we look together and with great precision at the ingredients that we have brought together in this ME-NO Capsule. 'Every time I am impressed by the know-how / experience of this chief analyst.' - says Pieter (owner of Cafe Couture).

How to… take your ME-NO Capsule?
Take a maximum of 2 ME-NO capsules per day with sufficient water.

If you live an Intermittent Fasting Matchapolitan Lifestyle, we recommend taking 1 ME-NO Capsule at the start of your food window and 1 ME-NO Capsule at the last meal of the same food window. Take a maximum of 2 capsules per day with sufficient water.

Our supplement line is structured in such a way that the ME-NO fits in nicely with the Multi Fast Female, Fasting Plus and/or Immunity capsules!

The capsule is made from olein - suitable for a halal, kosher or vegetarian lifestyle;
Do not exceed the recommended daily dose;
Free from possible allergens;
Store at room temperature in a dry and dark place;
Keep out of the reach of children;
This is a dietary supplement and cannot replace a healthy and varied diet.

Further information
Contents: 60 capsules or 60 capsules with gift box
Nutrients/ingredients per capsule: Hop extract rich in isoflavones 80mg; L Arginine 50mg; Zinc 7 mg (100% RDA from zinc sulfate); vitamin B6 3 mg (300% DV); Vitamin D 10 mcg (100% DV).

Basic product labeling RDA = women 15 to 65 years.

The product is free of possible allergens, keto and vegan.