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WHAT IS AYURVEDA? Ayurveda is an Indian medicine that focuses on preventing diseases and living according to your true nature. It has been practiced worldwide for over 5,000 years and is therefore recognized as one of the oldest health sciences in existence.
It literally means 'knowledge of life' and tells us how we can prevent imbalance through lifestyle and nutrition.
Every person is unique and that Ayurveda really considers every person to be unique is something we find so special. This uniqueness means that every person benefits from different types of nutrition, forms of exercise, breathing exercises, herbs, etc.
Ayurveda can provide a nutrition & lifestyle plan so that you can fully enjoy life, without annoying complaints.

THE 3 DOSHA TYPES. The Doshas can be described as energies. It is the elements from which you are built that determine what your prakruti (unique blueprint) or vikruti (imbalance) is. There are five elements that make up you and can be found all around us: ether, air, fire, water and earth. Each Dosha represents two elements:

Vata – air & ether
Pitta – fire & water
Kapha – water & earth

Our body is made up of all five elements. We need all the elements to have a functioning body. This is how Vata takes care of all movement in the body, such as breathing, blood circulation and the functioning of our nervous system. Pitta takes care of all transformation, such as digesting food, processing impressions and our metabolism. Kapha takes care of the moisture in our body, lubricates the joints, keeps the skin moist and ensures that the immune system is up to standard. Kapha dosha therefore has a protective function. Often one or two doshas predominate per person.

When the doshas are in balance you feel good and you do not suffer from complaints. But doshas can also become unbalanced, this can happen due to the change of seasons (for example: you feel more irritable in the summer and suffer more from colds in the autumn and spring). Or it could be a long-standing complaint that you just can't seem to get rid of.
The above symptoms are a sign that a dosha (or several) is out of balance and that your digestive fire is not working properly. If you do nothing about this, the dosha can manifest itself in the body, resulting in illness. Fortunately, we have Ayurveda… With simple remedies per dosha and adjusting your diet you will feel a lot better.

by Eline Flux / Ayurveda, Reiki & Aromatherapy Coach