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Ayurveda is the mother of all medical systems
, originated in India but now applied worldwide. It was developed thousands of years ago to help people live in sync with nature, to thrive in an ever-changing environment.

The word even is translated from Sanskrit as "knowledge of life" ("Ayur" means life and "Veda" is knowledge) with an emphasis on how to live holistically according to your unique and individual constitutional make-up. In a modern guise it serves as a kind of guideline to keep yourself in balance, both mentally and physically. You learn to frame yourself and to better frame and respond to the signals of your body and energy - with nutrition, herbs, exercise, yoga, meditation, breathing, self-care, community, massage and spiritual insights.

A philosophy for life
The principles of this ancient holistic medical system are based on the belief that health and well-being depend on the fragile balance between head, body and soul, which are all connected. If one of the three is out of balance, it has a direct impact on the others.

As opposed to seeing health as simply the absence of disease, define well-being as achieving and maintaining this unique balance.

Ayurveda focuses on promoting good health as a proactive method of warding off common diseases, and working with certain principles that provide a comprehensive approach to treating disease and discomfort by slowly identifying the causes of ill health. unravel and restore imbalances.

The basics are quite simple, but the depth of application is an endlessly complex medical system, as we look not only at diseases, but also at all other layers of health: physical health, mental balance, spiritual and social well-being, relationships, environment, diet, habits, daily routines, and seasonal lifestyle. It empowers us to take our health and happiness into our own hands. Not only when we are sick, but especially by knowing how to balance ourselves on a daily basis.


"Ayurveda teaches us to respect nature and to place ourselves in it as part of it. It helps to understand how our health cannot be separated from our family, work, society or planet."

door Lily Joan Roberts / Functional Nutritionist, Ayurvedic lifestyle & Guthealth coach, Herbalist