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Matcha (culinary quality) & pour bowl porcelain

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The Story

What are you waiting for? Pour that Matcha in your bowl & drink that Matcha Latte!

This combi deal consists of our well-known Matcha culinary quality and the pouring bowl (porcelain). Pour your Matcha without spilling into your bowl with this super handy pouring bowl. Our culinary quality matcha is ideal to use for a delicious Matcha Latte (and of course much more...) This Matcha culinary quality is the second crop and therefore only suitable for Matcha lattes and dishes.

Because some people find the matcha too earthy in taste, this variant is perfect for mixing in dishes and healthy drinks. By drinking a Matcha latte you still get all the benefits of the Matcha. Just to make matcha more accessible, you can first start with a delicious matcha latte, cold or warm.

What is culinary matcha?
Matcha is a powdered tea, which is ground from tea leaves. The culinary variant is more bitter, because the leaves that grow lower on the tea plant are used.

The origin and the production method...
Zen Buddhists from Japan encountered matcha during their travels through China. After that the Buddhists developed their own traditions and production methods.
This Japanese green tea is made from fresh, young Tencha tea leaves. They are picked by hand at the beginning of May (only one harvest per year). From 14 to 28 days before harvesting, the tea bushes are 90% covered (eclipsed) by tarpaulins. In the shade the leaves make extra chlorophyll and amino acids. The Tencha tea leaves are ground by traditional granite mills to an ultrafine emerald green powder. This powder contains no stems or veins but consists solely of 'leaf meat'. Many people find the pure taste not that pleasant which is why it is often combined with other ingredients to create lattes, ice cream, cookies, yoghurt or shakes. But nothing better than these vegan capsules where do you not taste the specific umami taste.

The benefits...

- supports the fat metabolism.
- supports the immune system.
- good for heart and blood vessels.
- anti-oxidant, to protect healthy cells and tissues.
- maintain a normal blood sugar level.
- good for cholesterol levels.
- supports the renal tract for a good moisture balance.
- maintain a normal blood sugar level.
- protects the skin against aging.
* disclaimer evaluation of health claim is ongoing.

Not suitable for:

- in case of illness (flu)
- if pregnant or breastfeeding
- in certain heart conditions, cardiovascular disease
- in combination with certain medications and/or chemotherapy
- in case you're sensitive to caffeine or theine
- do not take after 4 pm

Further information
Content: Matcha Culinary Quality (100 grams) + pour bowl (porcelain)

As the slogan of Café Couture says: 'We blend the best for the best!', we care about your health and strive to make the best products. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.