Food Matcha 100 gr for latté's, food & ice tea

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The Story

100 gr Pouch

It is our goal to integrate the super-healthy Matcha culture into our modern demanding Metropolitan lifestyle where we live and work very intensively. These new Matchas come directly from the ORGANIC tea plantations from the north-western part of the Chinese coastal province of Zheijang. Like the famous Japanese Gyokuru teas, the tea bushes are shaded for 4 weeks before harvest, with dark sailcloths that reduce sunlight by 90%. As a reaction to the lack of sunlight, the tea plant intensively produces chlorophyll and higher amino acids in the shaded tea leaves.
Afterwards, these leaves are further processed and milled between granite plates into highly healthy organic tea powder. Compared to Japanese Matcha, this Chinese Matcha offers a fairly robust character with the authentic sharpness of typical green tea. A moss green of color with a slight acidity at the end. This BIO production of Matcha dates from the Tang Dynasty (618-970). After the Tang Dynasty, Matcha was introduced to Japan, where it became an integral dominating part in the Japanese culture and way of life. In recent years, the Matcha's production is back in China, where some Chinese plantations use the exact same methods as the Japanese.

- Drink Matcha preferably in the morning or afternoon. For sure if you are sensitive to theine/caffeine.
- Drink these Matchapolitan latte's cold with any milk type of your choice (coconut milk, almond milk, soy milk etc ...) so you can make a complete VEGAN story. We advise you not to consume it hot because too many bitters are released, and we do not want that in this initial phase.  

Why is Matcha even better than green tea?
- Has 10 to 15x more ingredients than green tea.
- By mixing the Matcha we take up 100% of the content.
- Gives 3 to 6 hours of energy boost.
- Did you know that 1 bag matcha corresponds to 11 bags of green tea?  

How do you drink Matchapolitan Iced Latte?
- Take 400ml coconut milk, almond malt, rice milk (if you want the VEGAN). Otherwise, take your milk to your choice.
- Add 4gr Matchapolitan (1 teaspoon) to the Matchapolitan shaker with some ice cubes.
- Shake it for 20 seconds.
- You can finish / serve this with a banana, berry or strawberry slice.  

Online health info:
- contains a load of anti-oxidants
- controls cholesterol levels
- supports slimming
- contains minerals and vitamins (A, B complex, C, E, and K), chlorophyll, and is a source of dietary fiber
- gives more energy
- used to stay alert
- favorable for endurance
- helps to strengthen the natural resistance
- supports metabolism
- to be used to protect against free radicals
- supports blood flow