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WAY OF LIFE cool pack

Price: €8,80

The Story

Do you want to be able to enjoy a cooled cold brew ice tea and your BREAKthat_FAST yo8hurt for a long time? Then our WAY OF LIFE cool pack is ideal for this.
By far the coolest cool pack!

For the real diehard WAY OF LIFE'ers, it is the ideal bag to take with you on the go.
We'll keep it cool, you'll do the rest!

WAY OF LIFE was created by the combination of Intermittent Fasting and Matchapolitan lifestyle, because it is a way of life. A way of life that we strongly believe in. We are therefore very enthusiastic about all the positive messages about this lifestyle and we love to see your posts on the socials about the only way for us... WAY OF LIFE!

Keep up the good work and spread love!

Side note: the EPE foam is 3mm thick, normally this is 2mm thick.. but like we said, we like to keep things cool! ;-)

Product information
Color: black with white letters
Measurements: W 34cm | H 28cm | D 20cm