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SMILEY basketbal (yellow - 100% leather)

Price: €90,00

The Story

These high quality basketballs are mainly inspired by Lex. Lex, who is extremely sport-minded and therefore finds it very regrettable that he was not able to experience the career of his father Pieter more intensely (because of his age at the time). The entire Cafe Couture philosophy is also based on that top sport mentality. Bringing the best every day. No marketing but just going for the best quality, service & drive. Nothing but also nothing beats doing something with your full heart & passion. NOTHING BEATS LOVE.

So to complete the circle, we made these two basketballs that we see rather as a unique wall object that can look beautiful and inspire anywhere. And they are of high quality!

The SMILEY is a real eye catcher with which we hope we can put a smile on your face, because we are designed to SMILE!

We offer the basketball in different sets:
- Ball with carrying net.
- Ball with wall holder.
- Ball with carrying net & wall holder.

Further information
Material: 100% high quality leather (indoor)
Color: yellow with black
Size: size 7