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Matcha whisk holder - Belgium beech wood

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The Story

This is what we call a cool whisk holder. And from a local Belgian company too. Each piece is unique because of the grain. Made from surplus wood. Of course we all know the whisk holder, perfect for drying your 100 prong Matchapolitan whisk.
We are happy to tell you more about where this unique beechwood whisk holder comes from.

Wood turning shop Depester. A family business with more than 30 years of professional experience in woodturning. They specialize in manufacturing small and medium-sized turning parts. The company was founded by Jos Depester in 1977 and has been assisted since 2007 by his son Frederic. They both have an enormous passion for their profession. They are known for their quality work and versatility. Frederic came to deliver the whiskey holders to our Cafe Couture store with great enthusiasm.

An eye-catcher for your kitchen! Straight from this unique Belgium supplier!

How to... make the best matcha?
Use fresh, most preferably soft water, 70°C.
Put 1 gram Matcha (2 bamboo scoops or ½ teaspoon) in a bowl and pour the water (70°C) onto the tea powder, and with a Matcha whisk beat until foaming. Whisk for about 15 to 30 seconds. Swallow it in one go.

How to... keep your whisk holder clean?
You can wash the whisk holder with a little washing-up liquid, it is important to dry the whisk holder so that no moisture penetrates.

Further information
Material: unique beech wood whisk holder

Top diameter: 2,5 cm
Below diameter: 5 cm
Height: 8 cm