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Copper Ayurvedic WAY OF LIFE tongue scraper

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The Story

This copper WAY OF LIFE tongue scraper is the tool to remove oral bacteria from the tongue for fresh breath, whiter teeth and clear skin.

Did you know that you can have about 20 billion bacteria in your mouth? Cleaning your tongue is an Ayurvedic oral detox treatment that is used to cleanse your tongue, prevent the build-up of bacteria and plaque, and thus detoxify the body. When you clean your tongue daily with a tongue scraper, you ensure that toxins do not re-enter the digestive system, resulting in better oral health, fresher breath and healthier skin.

Unlike many stainless steel and plastic tongue scrapers, this copper tongue cleaner is made from 100% anti-microbial copper, a bacteria-resistant metal that makes this tongue cleaner perfect for the job.

Benefits of tongue cleaning:
+ Freshen your breath and improve your overall oral hygiene.
+ Whitens teeth by minimizing plaque and decay in your mouth.
+ Helps detoxify your body and provides clearer skin.
+ Removes oral bacteria.
+ Improves digestion.
+ Increases the sensitivity of the taste buds.
+ Made with 100% pure copper (Latin Cuprum).

Further information
Contents: copper tongue scraper (with WAY OF LIFE cotton bag)
Material: copper