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The Story

In this package you will find the:

Lapsang Souchon
This Lapsang Souchong is a Chinese tea that is dried after oxidation in bamboo baskets over burning coniferous or cypress wood. This develops a strong smoky flavor. A delicious tea during the winter months or a nice tip: combine it with salty or spicy flavors or strong-tasting cheeses... go try it out!

A short story about this oolong tea... because every tea tells a beautiful story.
A legend says that this way of preparing tea was discovered by chance. During the Qing Dynasty, an army unit encamped in a tea factory. After the soldiers finally left, the tea factory workers realized that they did not have enough time to dry the tea in the usual way and so they dried the tea over the fire. The new flavor was a sensation.

How to... make a delicious cup of Lapsang Souchong?
3-5 mins | 95°C | theine + (2 grams per cup)

Ingredients: FOP Yunnan black tea (China)

Japanese Sencha
This first picking, lightly steamed green tea was picked early in the spring. It's pure top class straight from our Matcha Farms in Japan. As a real tea lover, you must try this extremely elegant and classy Japanese green tea and it deserves a me-time moment.

Tip! Use water at a lower temperature to avoid burning the leaves.

How to... make a delicious cup of Japanese Sencha tea?
1-3 mins | max 80°C | theine +

Ingredients: green tea (Japan)

Quizhou is a province located in southwestern China, which is known as an important green tea production area. Did you know that tea plants require warm and humid weather with an alkaline soil? Since Quizhou is located in a subtropical zone, it is ideal for this. Until recently, Quizhou's teas were very rarely available outside the province because the best teas were consumed by the locals themselves. Now the outside world can also increasingly enjoy the beautiful, unique teas from Quizhou.

This Emerald Green comes from a high altitude tea field, picked and processed by hand. What is unique about this tea is its ball shape. This allows us to use a water temperature of 80 - 85°C because the balls still have to open before they release their flavors! Once they are open you get an explosion of green flavors like Brussels sprouts and green beans. A green tea to discover is putting it mildly. It's a must!

How to... make a delicious cup of Emerald Green tea?
3 min | 80-85°C | theine + | 3 grams - 150 ml of water

Ingredients: green tea Quizhou (China)

Shang-ri La
This beautiful white tea originated at an altitude between 1200 and 2100 meters. Tea picked early in the spring from the high tea fields of Nepal. It is processed by hand and consists entirely of silver tips. Since these leaves are still unopened, the water temperature may be slightly higher (85°C) than with other white teas. You will then notice that this tea has and gives a unique and beautiful floral aroma. Very soft and yet very full of flavour. This tea is also suitable for the evening because it releases little theine. It is also very suitable for people who have a sensitive stomach. In short, a unique tea experience.

The unique production process makes it a fitting story that closely matches Sergio Herman's philosophy.

How to... make a delicious cup of Shangri-La tea?
1-3 mins | 85°C | 3 grams - 150 ml of water | theine +

Ingredients: white tea (Nepal)

Hand-rolled Jun Chiyabari Nepal
Cafe Couture has made an incredibly beautiful contribution to the drinks menu - of course the tea, we are very proud of this! When selecting the unique tea selection, we worked closely with maître Mark Reynders.
A special unique selection of tea & infusion has been put together for this gem in Antwerp.

We are pleased to be able to offer this special quality & picking! The success story started in the year 2000 when three tea lovers from Nepal founded this fine and exclusive 75-hectare tea garden in Eastern Nepal to produce semi-fermented premium quality in close collaboration with several smaller farms. Serious competition for the Oolongs from Darjeeling and Formosa with an annual export of just under 100 kg.

Both tea leaves and infusion have a complex fresh aromatic and slightly earthy character with a delicate sweet spiciness.

How to... make a delicious cup of Hand-rolled Jun Chiyabari Nepal tea?
2-4 mins | 100°C | theine +

Ingredients: hand-rolled Jun Chiyabari Nepal

Further information
Content: 5 blends of 10 grams each
Category: Pure Line Collection