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The Story

With this blend we have taken our inspiration from the blossoms of the Japanese cherry blossom tree. Every year, millions of people admire these beautiful flowers in Japan. Combining this green tea with actual cherries was an obvious choice. Apple provides the fresh note in the blend and makes the tea very accessible to drink as an ice tea as well.

How to... make a delicious cup of Sakura tea?
1-3 min | 80°C | theïne + | iced-tea +

Where do you store your tea?
You can easily store the whole leaf tea in the appropriate Café Couture storage cans.

Further information
Contents: 95 (with storage can) or 100 grams whole leaf tea
Ingredients: green tea, apple pieces, hibiscus flower, whole sour cherries, sweet apple pieces, freeze-dried sour cherry pieces, dark red rose petals, sakura blossoms, flavour
Category: green tea/fruit infusion