Pink Rhubarb

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The Story

We created a delicious blend to enjoy hot and as also as an ice tea. And even ... an ideal unique touch/extra in your Gin (Tonic). Enjoy! 

Do you remember those big rhubarb plants in your garden?
Fruit infusion of sweet apple and bitter sour undertone of the rhubarb.

Ingredients: apple pieces, hibiscus blossoms, elderberries, rose hip peel, freeze-dried rhubarb pieces,
pink cornflower blossoms, aroma

Category: Fruit Infusion

5-10 min / 95°C / theine - / ice tea + / 75gr

Online health information:
- To use as a full anti-oxidantiagroup
- Used to protect against free radicals
- Is favorable for a good balance & mindset
- Controls cholesterol
- Supports the blood flow