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'Nduja by Ralf - La Butte Aux Bois

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The Story

Trendy trattoria in Lanaken - 'Nduja by Ralf

For the new ´nduja by Ralf concept, the roof of the former bistro was completely demolished and rebuilt into a six-metre ceiling construction in glass. For example, the space for the new restaurant ´nduja by Ralf has been doubled in cubic meters and the typical neo Tudor architectural style, typical of the main building on the domain, has been regained. The trattoria was completed and opened in June 2021.

Lapsang souchong is originally from Fujian province. There is a smoked and a non-smoked variant, with the smoked being by far the best known.

After oxidation, this tea is dried in bamboo baskets over burning coniferous or cypress wood. This develops a strong smoke flavor.

A legend has it that this way of preparing tea was discovered by accident. During the Qing dynasty, an army unit encamped in a tea factory. After the soldiers finally left, the tea factory workers realized that they did not have enough time to dry the tea in the usual way, so they dried the tea over the fire. The new flavor was a sensation.

This tea has a very strong taste, many find that this tea is best drunk during winter evenings or combined with salty or strongly spicy food or strong tasting cheeses or combined with drinking single malt whisky.

Fill in the desired amount (50 grams) at the top right, receive the refill in the appropriate packaging and add the refill to your Café Couture recyclable storage tin.

How to... make a delicious cup of 'Nduja by Ralf?
3-5 min | 95°C | theine + | 3 grams - 150 ml of water

Where do you store your tea?
You can easily store the loose tea in the appropriate Café Couture recyclable storage tins. These are light and airtight.

Further information
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Ingredients: black tea, lapsang souchong, licorice root, rooibos tea, beetroot, cardamom seed, cinnamon pieces, aniseed, chili pepper, whole cardamom, rosemary leaves, basil.
Category: black tea