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Premium Matcha complete box I (four-part) - clean white

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The Story

With this complete set you can get started right away. Give your body a natural energy shot! And how fun it is to do this traditional preparation all by yourself...

This set consists of 1 bowl, 1 bamboo spoon, 1 whisk and 1 whisk holder

It is very important to put the whisk back in the holder to keep the bamboo 'hairs' in shape and that way you keep making the most delicious matcha.

The benefits...
- supports the fat metabolism.
- supports the immune system.
- good for heart and blood vessels.
- anti-oxidant, to protect healthy cells and tissues.
- maintain a normal blood sugar level.
- good for cholesterol levels.
- supports the renal tract for a good moisture balance.
- maintain a normal blood sugar level.
- protects the skin against aging.
* disclaimer evaluation of health claim is ongoing.

How to... make the best Premium Matcha?
Use fresh, most preferably soft water, 70°C.
Put 1 gram Matcha (2 bamboo scoops or ½ teaspoon) in a bowl and pour the water (70°C) onto the teapowder, and with a Matcha whisk beat until foaming. Whisk for about 15 to 30 seconds. Swallow it in one go.

How to... keep this complete set in the best condition?
Rinse the bamboo spoon and whisk under lukewarm water after use. Never use soap with the bamboo spoon and the whisk. We also strongly advise not to put the bamboo spoon and the whisk in the dishwasher.
You can wash the whisk holder with a little washing-up liquid, it is important to dry the whisk holder so that no moisture penetrates.
The bowl is made of Japanese ceramic. The bowl is dishwasher proof and microwave safe.

This complete set is packed in a gift box!