Italian Blend by TV Chef Peppe

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The Story

I was, as often, at Peppe's restaurant and suddenly his wife, Inez, approaches me with sage.
"Hi, you should make a tea from this some time. This helps against a cold!" I smelled, tasted ... she was right.

Salvia, its Latin name means medicinal herb. The healing properties of sage have been known for millennia.
So the idea for this unique tea blend was born. We have taken a premium green Chinese tea combine with sage, verbena and basil: all healthy.
To make it complete, we added the colors of the Italian flag by putting white and red flowers into the blend.

Enjoy this unique fragrance and color bouquet, inspired by Inez & Peppe themselves.

Ingredients: Green tea from China, lemon verbena, sage leaves, basil, white cornflowers, rose petals, flavor

3 min / 80°C / theine +

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