Ibiza Jockey Club strawberry flower garden

Price: €9,90

The Story

In collaboration with the famous beach club from Ibiza "Jockey Club" (named second best beach bar in the world in 2012).

Jockey Club is the classic respected hotspot that goes beyond fashion and more. Where nobody feels strange and everybody feels free. Where you can enjoy life and the Magic of the Mediterranean to the fullest.

We created a premium blend that when the first rays of sunlight starts to conquer the beach, when the days slowly become longer and nature awakens again, all the sweet scents of summer reaches our senses. Juicy and slightly tangy apple and pear pieces make our palate jump with joy. The bright, colourful blossoms and fruit pieces in this homogeneous blend are further enhanced by a juicy strawberry flavor.

Ingredients: Apple pieces, pear pieces, pink rose buds, freeze-dried strawberry pieces, freeze-dried raspberry pieces, blackberry leaves, blue cornflower blossoms, marigold blossoms, red rose petals, Roman chamomile, flavor

Category: fruit infusion

5-10 min / 95°C / theine - / iced–tea + / 90 gr

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