Ibiza artist & DJ Chapter Peace

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The Story

Anti Oxidant Tea

Chapter Thirteen is the creation of artist and DJ Scott Gray AKA Chapter. From London but residing in Ibiza, Scott brings the creative energies of both places together in his iconic designs and musical style. His graphic style of artwork juxtaposes life and death, night and day, with nature and joy at its heart.
He is also the designer of the label of this premium blend.

Many people are already familiar with the health benefits of green tea and its extreme antioxidant capacity. But did you know that when lemon is added to your green tea, its health benefits are multiplied? That’s why we have combined both for you already!
The scent of this tea is reminiscent of lemonade. But a very healthy one.. Detox your body!

Tip: served with a slice of lemon, this is a green tea that can be made hot or cold. Both are delicious.

Ingredients : Green tea from China, golden lemon peel , lemon granules, lemongrass

1-3 min / 80°C / theine + / iced-tea +