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Huang Ya - Yellow Tea

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The Story

An incredibly beautiful collaboration & selection with restaurant Fine Fleur & the 5-star hotel Botanic itself, located in the bustling center behind the beautiful Botanic garden of Antwerp, you will find next to this breathtaking hotel.

For his new business Fine Fleur, Boerma crosses the border to Belgium. There in Antwerp he is not alone - for Fine Fleur, the team is once again joining forces with Thomas Diepersloot. Diepersloot is behind the pans at Voltaire in Leersum, where Boerma has an advisory role and the young chef earned a Michelin star.
Boerma thus promises that Fine Fleur will not become a second version of his three-star restaurant De Leest. ''My typical style - the use of various acids, citrus elements and worldwide spices - remains characteristic of my style here too,'' says the chef.

Cafe Couture has been able to make an amazing contribution to the drinks menu - of course the tea, we are very proud of this! When selecting the unique tea selection, we worked closely with maître Mark Reynders.
A special unique selection of tea & own infusion has been put together for this gem in Antwerp.

This yellow tea comes from the Simao region in Yunnan. Production begins with the so-called “pan-firing”, in which the tea is slightly roasted in a kind of wok so that the enzymes responsible for the fermentation process are destroyed. The still warm leaves are then carefully wrapped in cloths to let the remaining humidity dry naturally and gently for several hours. This step is repeated until the leaves have reached the right degree of maturity. The yellow tips develop a unique spicy sweetness in the cup, accompanied by a fresh, fine resonance. Memories of a mixture of Lung Ching and Kekecha awaken.

Enter the desired amount in the top right corner (50 or 100 gram whole leaf tea) and receive the refill in the appropriate packaging and add it to your Café Couture recyclable storage can.

How to... make a delicious cup of Huang Ya?
1-3 min | 75-80°C | theine +

Where do you store your tea?
You can easily store the whole leaf tea in the appropriate Cafe Couture storage cans.

Further information
Content: 50 or 100 gram whole leaf tea
Ingredients: yellow tea
Category: yellow tea