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Green Joongjak+ - pyramids

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The Story

Jeju’s surfaces consist of unusual volcanic rocks which serve as a natural filter for the underground water, this is extremely important for the growth of these high-altitude tea fields. This unique surface is considered to be one of the best in the world, because it is so abundantly rich in minerals (calcium, magnesium and iron). Joongjak+ is a steamed green tea, made in the traditional Japanese style, giving the tea a very nice umami taste. Ingredients: unique Japanese-steamed, green tea from the Jeju Paradise.

Enter the desired amount in the top right corner (30 or 150 pieces of 3 gram) and receive the refill in the appropriate packaging and add it to your Café Couture recyclable storage can.

How to... make a delicious cup of Green Joongjak+ tea?
1-3 min | 80°C

Where do you store your tea?
You can easily store the whole leaf tea in the appropriate Café Couture storage cans.

More info about the blend...

- supports the fat metabolism.
- supports the immune system.
- good for heart and blood vessels.
- anti-oxidant, to protect healthy cells and tissues.
- maintain a normal blood sugar level.
- good for cholesterol levels.
- supports the renal tract for a good moisture balance.
- maintain a normal blood sugar level.
- protects the skin against aging.
* disclaimer evaluation of health claim is ongoing.

Further information
Content: 32 pieces of 3 gram pyramids
Ingredients: green tea (Jeju Island - Korea)
Category: green tea


BIOLOGICALLY DEGRADABLE PYRAMIDS. Our pyramid shaped tea bags have been carefully designed to meet the certification program EN 13432, which means that they meet the requirements of the EU packaging directive (94/62 / EEC) to be classed as biodegradable. So you can place them in your compost heap with full peace of mind.

SAVING 10 A4 PAGES OF PAPER PER 30 PYRAMIDS. We consciously chose biodegradable pyramid-shaped tea bags, carefully designed to be manufactured without using extra paper or plastic packaging. This is how we save up to 10 A4 pages per batch of 30 pyramids! We then reinvest this environmentally friendly saving into the quality of our unique teas.

’HIGH FIVE’ FOR PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES. The finishing touch to our tea packaging is carried out in a special, tailor-made company where people with intellectual disabilities play a very important role in our production process. Not only does this provide them, with a feeling of self worth and satisfaction, it integrates them even more into society. They help us to stick the labels on the packaging, a collaboration that both we and they are very proud of.

WOOD-FREE LABELS. Here too we have worked hard to act as ecologically as possible. Our labels are made of sugar cane surplus which is recyclable up to 7 times. By using these surpluses, fewer trees need to be cut down. Processing is done with 100% green energy and is therefore CO2 neutral.

CHECK, CHECK, AND CHECK AGAIN. We source our teas and infusions from many countries, within our wide range of blends, you can taste the whole world. Before you immerse one of our bestselling brands into your cup, you can be assured that it will have passed numerous tests in order to meet the highest nutritional standards, something that we take very, very seriously.