Ginger Sencha Star

Price: €15,30

The Story

Festive spices, orange peel, apricot kernels pieces and whole almonds decorate this green tea creation. The tempting scent of freshly baked gingerbread will gather the whole family around the Christmas tree.
Taste the flavor of gingerbread in your cup!

Enter the desired amount in the top right corner (50 - 85 - 100 or 250 gram) and receive the refill in the appropiate packaging and add it to your Café Couture recyclable storage can.

How to... make a delicious cup of Ginger Sencha Star tea?
1-3 min | 80°C | theïne +

Where do you store your tea?
You can easily store the whole leaf tea in the appropiate Café Couture storage cans.

More info about the blend...
It's 100% organic!

- controls cholesterol levels;
- supports slimming;
- good for concentration;
- gives more energy;
- beneficial for stamina;
- helps strengthen natural defenses;
- supports the metabolism;
- to use to protect against free radicals;
- to use to give spiritual resilience;
- supports blood flow;
- supports the immune system.

Further information
Content: 50, 85 (with storage can), 100 or 250 gram whole leaf tea
Ingredients: green tea (China), ginger pieces, orange peel , whole star aniseed, almond pieces, apricot kernels, oat grass, whole cardamom, cinnamon pieces, rose petals, cloves
Category: green tea/herbal infusion