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Daily Caffeine | coffee beans

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The Story

A beautiful slightly spicy bean blend, only with the best Brasil coffee beans and a pinch of Java Arabica coffee beans that give this combination the characteristic and distinctive taste.

With the Rainforest Alliance certified coffee beans we are sure that we can offer the most sustainable coffee beans and thereby make a positive contribution to the living- and working conditions of the coffee farmers, their community and nature.

We want to make a difference with you and therefore make a conscious choice in the next step towards sustainability.

The design of the packaging is inspired by the well-known daily espresso shot that people can so eagerly look forward to. We visualize the energy with the beautiful butterflies. The white side of the packaging represents the morning and the black side of the packaging the evening, because with this beautifully balanced blend you can enjoy at any time of the day.

Brasil coffee beans
Our Brasil coffee beans come from a district where only the best Brasilian coffee beans come from. The neutral character of the coffee and the slightly soft rinse give it a particularly fine taste.

Java Arabica coffee beans
Our Java Arabica coffee beans are grown on the eastern end of Java at an altitude of over 1400 meters. After picking, beans are brought to the mills as quickly as possible then the pulp is fermented and washed with the 'wet method'. This results in a coffee with a generally sweet impression and a good full body. The coffee has a fragrant aroma, the taste is soft and fresh with a chocolate nuance in the aftertaste.

If you want to know more about Rainforest Alliance, visit their website:

Further information
Content: 500 grams or 3 kilos of coffee beans