Black Berry Deluxe

Price: €8,10

The Story

A true queen among the fruit tea blends. Noble, simple and elegant! On warm summer days we recommend making an intense, strong brew. Let it cool, add sparkling wine or mineral water, garnish with fresh mint: you have a dazzling iced tea! For this adventurous tea, we substituted the everyday apple for the exotic papaya. Full of strength and power: fruity flavors mix with slightly tart hibiscus blossoms and assorted freeze-dried berries.

Ingredients: Papaya cubes, hibiscus blossoms, blackcurrants, blueberries, elderberries, freeze-dried strawberry and rasberry pieces, flavoring

5-10 min / 95°C / theine - / iced–tea +

Order your refill (100-200-300gr) & receive it in a bag that fits in your original storage can.