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The Story

In this package you will find the:
- Ginger Freshness
Extremely popular blend. Ginger itself is popular but this blend is full and complete. The lemongrass and two kinds of mint make the spicy ginger become a little softer in taste. This premium blend is suitable for drinking in the morning as well as in the evening. In the morning it is refreshing and exciting, and in the evening it will promote your digestion.

How to... make a delicious cup of Ginger Freshness tea?
10 min | 95°C | iced-tea +

Ingredients: lemongrass, ginger pieces, liquorice root, cardamom seed, verbena leaves, peppermint, black peppercorns, spearmint

- Wicked Rooibos
A spicy winner and hugely popular in the Netherlands. We gave it a delicious orange flavour. Several natural orange flavours create a zesty bliss with the scent of freshly-squeezed citrus while the taste of ripe oranges evokes the excitement of a sun-drenched countryside. This full, fruity aromatic pleasure is complemented with a sweet rooibos tea.

How to... make a delicious cup of Wicked Rooibos tea?
5-10 min | 95°C

Ingredients: rooibos tea, safflower, natural blood orange flavouring

- Indian Ginger
This amazing spicy blend is for the connoisseur. Derma surgeon Dr. Karavanni says this is the ideal starter on an empty stomach. The shock! Are you ready for it? We found the inspiration for this blend in an Indian kitchen as all ingredients in this blend form a vital part in this cuisine: ginger, whole cardamom and chilis. Have some of this “Tea-Soup for the Soul” and your body will regain its balance.

How to... make a delicious cup of Indian Ginger tea?
1-3 min | 95°C

Ingredients: ginger pieces, whole cardamom, whole chillies

Where do you store your tea?
You can easily store the whole leaf tea in the appropriate Café Couture storage cans.

Further information
Content: 3 blends of 10 grams each
Category: herbal infusion