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Unique tea & premium quality

ALL YOU NEED BOX (4 boxes of 25 pieces)

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The Story


Serving high-quality tea is our priority. With our biodegradable tea collection, we offer you a special tea collection that has been created in a conscious and sustainable way. In addition to our biodegradable tea collection, we also have loose tea that we offer.

We are used to working at a high level in the hospitality industry, for example we work together with 5-star hotel Botanic Sanctuary in Antwerp and we can contribute to the concepts of Sergio Herman by looking for unique tea fields for are star restaurants.

Are you ready to upgrade your tea menu and take it to the next level? Cafe Couture hereby offers you our Hotel Room Tea Collection of only high-quality tea to serve to your guests.

Nothing beats a good quality cup of tea!


A mixture of carefully selected tea leaves from Assam and Sumatra. The result is a wonderful dark infusion with a spicy aftertaste. This tea is best consumed with a splash of milk or cream, which gives it a slightly sweet taste.

How to... make a delicious cup of BLACK?
3-5 min | 95°C | theine + | Optional: a splash of milk or cream

Ingredients: premium broken black tea from Assam

A popular tea where the soft taste has been carefully considered, which is also very suitable for novice tea drinkers. But it also contains less theine because the middle leaf shoots have been used. With this green tea you give your guests a wonderful moment to not only relax, but also to cleanse the body at the same time.

How to... make a delicious cup of GREEN?

1-3 min | 80°C | theine +

Ingredients: green tea

A healthy fruit infusion with only the best ingredients, a fruity taste due to the hibiscus flower, apple and rosehip. This 'me-time' moment is perfect for guests who prefer a sweeter taste.

How to... make a delicious cup of FRUIT?
1-3 min | 80°C | theine +

Ingredients: hibiscus flower, apple fruit, rosehip, licorice root, blackberry sweet leaf, elderberry, flavouring, sea buckthorn berry

A delicious infusion to recover after a busy day in the hotel room. With this blend you can give your guests that real relaxing moment. The chamomile blossom provides a relaxing feeling and the notes of lemon give the infusion just a little more freshness.

How to... make a delicious cup of HERBAL?
5-10 min | 95°C

Ingredients: chamomile flower, lemon balm stem, lemon verbena, licorice root, blackberry leaf

Further information
Contents: 4 boxes of 25 pieces with each blend (black, green, fruit & herbal)
Optional: with gift box