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The Story

The WAY OF LIFE Journal is a nice and clear way to set your own goal for this week, to keep an agenda per week, to clearly indicate your food window and to process your training (whether it is for the steps, HIIT, cardio, weights or meditation).

Why is this WAY OF LIFE Journal so useful according to Pieter Loridon?
'The power of visualization. You set your own goal and you make your own plan of action. You will see these two important points every day in your Journal. In addition, I kindly obligate you ;-) ... to fill in every day how loyal you have remained towards your own goal. Do not forget to tick the circles of your food window, so you have a clear overview of when you can eat.
I am absolutely convinced that this WAY OF LIFE Journal can help you take the next steps. Write down your goal yourself, analyze it and evaluate it. This ensures that you are also aware of your own responsibility.
I did nothing else during my sports career, every game was reviewed, this was evaluated and then a plan of action was made to be able to make that progression for the next game. I believe this is the basis for achieving results, of course in addition to a healthy lifestyle that we have now found through Intermittent Fasting Matchapolitan lifestyle.
Do not forget 'things to remember' at the bottom to write down your experiences of the week, so you can look back over the coming weeks.'

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Further information
Content: 25 pages with WAY OF LIFE Journal and quotes (bottom is cardboard)
Format: A4