Organic Slimming (COLD BREW) + 'Detox & Balance' sipper

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The Story

It's all about balance...

Famous nutrition coaches advise you to drink 2 liters of water a day. We created this healthy, cleansing and stimulating alternative that contains 3 times more antioxidants than regular healthy green tea. 

This special SLIMMING blend is designed to detox & stimulate the body, fight the free radicals and heavy metals partially responsible for aging. We added the South American 'Yerba Maté‘ plant & Spirulina which is known for its many top features. Yerba Mate is known for its large amount of caffeine and its major stimulant boost. Spirulina is know for its dose of vitamines, anti oxidants, vitamine C, minerals, proteïnes & omega 3.

Pay attention! Some people are sensitive to caffeine or theine. Others get a ‘boost’ from it. Therefore we created this super blend. Theine is a stimulating substance… a natural energy boost! Talented personal trainers noticed that this boost can lift your performance to a higher level, while it has 'huge' health benefits. (do not drink this blend after 16 o'clock if you want to sleep peacefully).

This package consists of 16 pieces Organic Slimming and a 'DETOX & BALANCE' sipper.

How to... make a delicious ice tea?
Add the 'cold brew' ice tea sachet to 1 liter of cold and filtered water. Let it steep in the refrigerator for at least 6 hours. Add a slice of lemon/lime and/or mint. Enjoy this delicious and healthy cold brew ice tea!
Do this for 16 days and you can repeat this after two weeks.

Where do you store your ice tea bags?
It is best to store the ice tea bags in the resealable packaging at room temperature.

More info about this blend...
It is 100% organic! This blend does not contain e-numbers, no additives and preservatives, no sugar, no milk, no lactose, no soy and it is gluten free!

- yerba maté contains a lot of caffeine;
- operates diuretic;
- wakame contains fucoxanthin, which aids in burning fat;
- strengthens the liver, purifies the blood;
- stimulates the metabolism and works ondersteunent slimming;
- very strong antioxidant (EGCG);
- energy-boosting effect;
- supports the strengthening of the immune and nervous systems;
- yerba maté helps to loose weight;
- helps purify the blood;
- stimulates the concentration of power & is packed with minerals, proteins and Omega 3.

Further information
Content: 16 pieces of 7 grams (1 sachet is suitable for 1 liter mineral water)
Content sipper: 700 ml (BPA free certified 5pp) - DETOX & BALANCE sipper
Ingredients Organic Slimming: green tea, lemon, yerba mate, spirulina