Sakura x Mazda Wholeleaf

Price: €19,30

The Story

The blend, inspired by the Mazda heritage, is infused with Japanese green tea leafs. The cherry blossom or Sakura, symbolizing extreme beauty, refers to the brand's contemporary designs.

The Japanese green tea used in this premium blend comes from the mountains of Fukujyu. This green tea is lightly steamed and has a strong flavor.
With this blend we have taken our inspiration from the blossoms of the Japanese cherry tree, also called Sakura. Every year, millions of people admire these beautiful flowers in Japan. Because of that, the combination of cherry with the green tea soon was obvious. Apple provides the fresh note in the blend and makes the tea very accessible to drink also as ice-tea. Enjoy a touch of Japan with Mazda & Café Couture.

This couture can is designed by the Musketon artists. Also a proud partner of Mazda.