Reusable stainless steel Nespresso® capsule

Price: €35,00

The Story

Become a barista at home!

With this environmentally friendly stainless steel Nespresso® coffee capsule you can make the most delicious coffees. It is something we have been waiting for a long time... the solution for the polluting aluminium capsules. These stainless steel Nespresso® capsules are reusable and ideal for making your own freshly ground coffee beans of your choice!

With this purchase you contribute to a cleaner environment.

How to... use the reusable Nespresso® capsule?
Put the freshly ground coffee beans in the capsule using the scoop spoon provided, then press the freshly ground coffee beans with the corresponding tamper. Close the capsule with the corresponding 'cap' and you are ready to make a delicious freshly ground coffee!
FYI: 1 capsule is 1 cup of coffee.

How to... keep the reusable Nespresso® capsule in the best condition?
We recommend that you clean the capsule well with the brush supplied after use, as well for the tamper.

Further information
Content: reusable square hole RVS Nespresso® capsule, tamper, brush and spoon (delivered in a box)
Material: stainless steel
Measurements: top dia 36 mm | bottom dia 23 mm | height 27 mm