Unique Gold ceremonial Matcha 20 gr & JAS ORGANIC

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The Story

JAS Organic Ceremonial Matcha production information

- Location:

 Fushimi district, Kyoto prefecture, flat terrain

 Soft soil, does not have a specific name - Producer:

  •   Mr. Nakanishi, 53 years old

  •   family farm, old line of tea producers: They don’t know when the line started. Mr.

    Nakanishi currently works with his father and wife

  •   Pioneer organic production family: they have been growing organic tea since 1980 (this

    was something started by Mr. Nakanishi’s father for health purposes) when no one was doing organic farming in Japan yet.

    - Cover method:

  •   Undirect cover.

  •   2 layers cover – 1rst layer comes up first, 2nd layer is unfoiled


  •   about 95% of sunlight blocked

  •   Covering period before harvest: 30 days before harvest

    - Harvest:

  •   Hand picking only once a year in spring.

  •   The fields are harvested only once a year in spring.

  •   After the spring harvest the tea trees are cut to a lower level so

    that they can rejuvenate, and then they grow freely and accumulate energy for the next spring harvest


This organic Japanese green tea is made from fresh, young Tencha tea leaves. They are picked by hand at the beginning of May (only one harvest per year). From 14 to 28 days before harvesting, the tea bushes are 90% covered (eclipsed) by tarpaulins. In the shade the leaves make extra chlorophyll and amino acids. The Tencha tea leaves are ground by traditional granite mills to an ultrafine emerald green powder. This powder contains no stems or veins but consists solely of 'leaf meat'. Many people find the pure taste not that pleasant which is why it is often combined with other ingredients to create lattes, ice cream, cookies, yoghurt or shakes.

Why Matcha is better than green tea:
- Has 10 to 15 times more components than green tea.
- By eating the Matcha we take in 100% of the ingredients.
- Provides 3-6 hour energy boost.
- 1 cup matcha is equivalent to 2 liters of green tea.

How do you drink Matcha:
Use fresh, most preferably soft water, 80°C.
Put 1g Matcha (2 bamboo scoops or ½ teaspoon) in a bowl and pour the water (80°C) onto the teapowder, and with a Matcha whisk (available here) beat until foaming. Whisk for about 15 to 30 seconds. Swallow it in one go.