Our Matcha in vegan capsules for extra ENERGY & DETOX

Price: €27,50

The Story

60 vegan capsules of 275 mg/capsules of Matcha of organic Uji Japan

The Japanese Matcha culture from Uji Japan PERFECTLY matches our intense modern lifestyle. Powerful & pure benefits of pure ORGANIC top Green Tea leaves is the first step towards a Matchapolitan lifestyle/awareness.

This organic Japanese green tea is made from fresh, young Tencha tea leaves. They are picked by hand at the beginning of May (only one harvest per year). From 14 to 28 days before harvesting, the tea bushes are 90% covered (eclipsed) by tarpaulins. In the shade the leaves make extra chlorophyll and amino acids. The Tencha tea leaves are ground by traditional granite mills to an ultrafine emerald green powder. This powder contains no stems or veins but consists solely of 'leaf meat'. Many people find the pure taste not that pleasant which is why it is often combined with other ingredients to create lattes, ice cream, cookies, yoghurt or shakes. But niothing better than these vegan capsules where do you not taste the specific umami taste.

We used a beautiful recycable glass vial to storage these vegan capsules. 

- Use Matcha preferably in the morning or afternoon (before 16 o'clock). For sure if you are sensitive to theine/caffeine.
- Take these vegan capsules in the middle (or after) of you breakfast or lunch. NOT on a empty stomac. 

Why is Matcha even better than green tea?
- Has 10 to 15x more ingredients than green tea.
- Gives 3 to 6 hours of energy boost.
- Did you know that 1 bag matcha capsule corresponds to 10 bags of green tea?  

Online health info:
- contains a load of anti-oxidants
- controls cholesterol levels
- supports slimming
- contains minerals and vitamins (A, B complex, C, E, and K), chlorophyll, and is a source of dietary fiber
- gives more energy
- used to stay alert
- favorable for endurance
- helps to strengthen the natural resistance
- supports metabolism
- to be used to protect against free radicals
- supports blood flow  

- for pregnant women
- for childeren
- for caffeine sensitive people
- on a empty stomac