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The Story

Add Moments to your spirits for tomorrow's memories!

This tea infusion is specially designed for use in alcoholic spirits such as gin and vodka. Would you like to give your cocktail or longdrink that extra touch? It's very simple: make your gin&tonic or vodka&soda as usual, and then hang your bag of moments in your glass. Leave it in for as long as you want to obtain your desired flavor. The longer you leave it in, the more flavor you get!
Moments gives you a light pink color and a subtle soft fruity aroma.

Moments are wonderful to pimp your parties or summer BBQs!

How to... create a Moment?
Make your gin tonic, vodka soda or rum cola as usual and add this Moment pyramid to it in your glass. Let it soak for as long as you want, the longer you let it steep the more aroma you get.
Time: to your own liking | theine -

Where do you store your Moments?
You can easily store the Moments pyramids in the appropiate Café Couture storage cans.

Further information
Content: 10 pieces of 4 gram per pyramid
Ingredients: strawberry, raspberry, black currant, elderberry & beetroot, flavor 
Category: suitable for gin, vodka and rum