Minima Tea carafe (640 ml)

Price: €28,00

The Story

The teapot is a wonderful way to make great tea. It’s a classic favourite that is hard to look past. Yet, brewing tea doesn’t always require a teapot. If you’re not a teapot kind of person, then don’t fret. Perfecting your tea brewing method can happen with another beautiful vessel: the carafe. And do we have the ideal one for you.

The Minima tea carafe is a wonderfully unique design that will give you delectable tea every time you use it. With its own in-built lid filter, you can fill this carafe with whatever you please. After you add water and your tea is brewed perfectly, pour with ease to find only your delicious brew will come out leaving the leaves behind.

This well-considered double-walled design is perfect for all kinds of tea. Hot teas will retain their heat for longer, while iced teas will remain cool.

Don’t feel pressured to find the right teapot. You’re just not a teapot kind of person. Let this carafe be the star of your tea-obsessed life instead.

Further information
Content: 640 ml/22oz
Material: double-walled glass, borosilicate, silicone and plastic
Measurements: 9 | 8,5 | 20 cm