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Price: €389,00

The Story

Compact & enhanced technology!

The Melitta Caffeo Solo Black is one of the smallest coffee machines in the world. Yet still it has the high-quality Melitta technology. With a snap of the fingers you can select and adjust the strength, tempature and even the amount of your coffee. To make your coffee taste even better, the coffee grounds are sprinkled in advance. This process produces more aromas and gives your coffee that extra character. 
Make coffee at your convenience!

The Melitta Caffeo Solo Black is not only compact, it also has all the things to make it a little easier for you. What do you think for example of the removable infuser? Because you can easily remove the infuser from the machine, you can wipe it off really smoothly. You can now effortlessly reach even the places where it usually isn't easy to clean. In addition, the Melitta Caffeo Solo Black has an 0-watt switch that can close it off completely from the main electrical supply. So you consume no electricity when you're not using the machine. And of course your personal settings are simply saved. 

Do you get annoyed when your cup does not fit under the spout? Then you willbe happy with this Melitta Caffeo Solo Black because it has a height-adjustable coffee spout. Because you can adjust the height, you decide whichever mug you want to use!