Matchaset box black + 20 grams Premium Matcha Uji with storage can

Price: €65,00

The Story

Our matcha set comes with a nice smooth shiny black bowl (just like whisk holder) and 100 prong whisk with logo! Each version better and better.

With this complete set you can get started right away. Give your body a natural energy shot! And how nice is it to do this traditional preparation all by yourself...

This set consists of 20 grams of Premium Matcha (Uji) with storage can, one bowl, one bamboo spoon, one whisk and a whisk holder.

It is very important to put the whisk back in the holder to keep the bamboo 'hairs' in shape and that way you will continue to make the most delicious matcha.

The benefits...
- supports fat metabolism.
- supports the immune system.
- good for heart and blood vessels.
- antioxidant, to protect healthy cells and tissues.
- maintenance of normal blood sugar levels.
- good for cholesterol levels.
- supports the kidneys for a good fluid balance.
- protects the skin from aging.
* disclaimer health claim evaluation is ongoing.

How to... make the best matcha?
Take a maximum of 4 grams of matcha with the bamboo stick and put this in the matcha bowl. Put a small splash of water (70°C) in the matcha bowl, then mix the matcha and water with the whisk until smooth. This is also known as 'brushing'. Add water again (maximum 100 ml) and with the whisk you beat the matcha from the loose wrist until a nice foam layer is created. Here you make a movement in the shape of an 'M' and it is important that the whisk does not touch the bottom of the matcha bowl.

How to... keep this complete set in the best condition?
You can wash the bowl with a little washing-up liquid or you can put it in the dishwasher, but it is important to dry the bowl afterwards so that no moisture can penetrate. Just like the whisk holder, only we do not recommend putting it in the dishwasher, because it is made of ceramic.
Rinse the bamboo spoon and the whisk under lukewarm water after use. Never use soap with the bamboo spoon and the whisk and we also strongly advise against putting the bamboo spoon and the whisk in the
The bowl is made of Japanese ceramics. The bowl is dishwasher and microwave safe.

The complete Premium Matcha box is packed in a beautiful gift box.