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The Story

Sarah-Kay Blewitt won the prize of The motivation Kunsthumaniora in Antwerp in 2013.

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Sarah-Kay Blewitt: "What keeps me busy is studying people. I enjoy watching and listening to people, no matter who or where. It is almost impossible for me to stay indoors because the urge to be among the people is too strong. So I often stroll along the streets of Antwerp and observe everything around me. All that evokes a strong emotion in me I document in the form of blind sketches. I record snapshots in my A6 size booklet that I always have in my pocket. By not watching my paper whilst I am drawing I often get surprising, humorous images. Conversation is certainly not less important than the picture, thats why all my sketches are accompanied by a fragment of conversation, powerful one-liners. The combination of image and text usually succeeds in creating a very blatant atmosphere often absurd and comical. 
In this way I bringa lot of events together, in a very simplistic way. A diary where both funny situations and controversial statements enter into one collection.

Little by little I get to know myself better. My doubts and fears fade away, and I feel that I can unravel my entangled thougts. By shedding light on others you begin to philosophize so you end up not only studying others but also yourself."