Home Barista Deluxe Set

Price: €2.042,95

The Story

Espresso is passion. The pursuit of the perfect crema. La bella Italia.
The machine is essential for the optimal preparation.
Through innovative technology, high-precision components and precision, ECM qualifies as THE expert espresso machine for home.

With Italian sentiment and German quality, ECM provides the perfect espresso.

The major differences that ECM provides:

- Due to the unique design, no hot water is sprayed when closing the brewbasket holder. The prolonged holder handle provides a better grip. 

- Even more of a barista feeling due to the ergonomic filter carrier that distinguishes itself through design and materials used.

- Extra large, extra comfortable. The extended drip tray offers a lot of space for coffeecups.

- Adjustable pressure through the practical screw. So you can tailor to your own taste.

In brief summary: design, quality and your own input makes the perfect espresso.

This deluxe kit includes the machine, coffeegrinder, milk jug and pestle.