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The Story

A rare & unique organic tea from Jeju, a small island in southern Korea, protected by UNESCO as World Heritage. Jeju's foundations consist of special volcanic rocks that serve as natural filters for the underground water, which is extremely important for the growth of these fields on the mountains. This unique substrate is considered to be one of the best in the world. The reason? Because it is very rich in minerals: calcium, magnesium and also iron. The Joongjak + is a roasted green tea, made according to traditional Korean recipe. This gives the tea a toasted and strong savory taste. After brewing, the fresh green leaves give a clear, greenish color with hints of melon and ... cream.     


With this premium collection we bring you the highest quality loose leaf teas in convenient pyramid sachets, in an environmentally & socially sustainable fashion. Our refill system ensures we use significantly less paper and packaging. The filling and packaging of these teas is achieved through a collaboration with a social institution that gives mentally challenged individuals a chance to integrate back into society by giving them a sense of selfworth and a meaningful occupation. We are glad to have an opportunity to prove that high-quality products  can be combined with a sustainable system. At we care about eachother and for quality.