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Easy tea pot with double filter

Price: €10,00

The Story

1) -with long filter-
Add your favorite loose leaf into the long filter. Click it in place and when your tea is brewed just right, remove the long filter. 

2) -without long filter-
Do you want your loose leaf tea freely swimming around in your teapot? Add 1 teaspoon (2 gr) of your favorite tea directly into the pot and pour hot water over it. Because the loose leaves stay within the teapot, they will release the flavor much better. Thanks to the integrated filter in the lid, all the leaves will stay within the pot (and out of your cup!) when you pour. Due to the small amount of tea leaves compared to the volume of water, the tea will not become bitter. Just enjoy it! 

You can combine this teapot with our "tea pot heater".

Further information
Content: 1,25l
Material: heat resistant glass and plastic