Classic Couture Jar - 5 liter

Price: €44,95

The Story

This is our own Café Couture Jar to make your "Summer Detox" experience complete! Never has your ice tea been as easy or tasty!

34,5 cm height x 22 cm wide

Fill your glass jug with cold water and add as many of our 'one step ice tea bags' as necessary (1x 7gr bag for 1 liter). Or take a large paper filter and fill it yourself with about 7-10 grams of your favorite loose leaf tea. Put it in the jug and place it in the fridge. Let it rest overnight in the refrigerator. This gives the tea time to slowly release its flavors and the taste will be finer and more subtle. You will notice that even with green tea tannins will be much softer and delicious! After a night in the fridge you pull out the teabags, sweeten it to your own taste (we recommend elderflower syrup) and your iced tea is ready to serve!

This set includes 1 strong glass jug containing 5 liters and a metal stand.

Our favorites for cold tea:
- Fruit infusions: couture garden, deluxe blackberry, mango passion, sexy pomegranate, fields of pinagold, yogurt of passion, peachy pear, superfruits, antioxidant plus, red immunity, gluh -Tea & Mr.pina & Mrs.colada
- Green tea: green oxi-Goji, coco paradise, sencha berrydise, sencha lemonade, maroccan mint, tropical energy
- Black tea: Superior Earl Grey
- Herbal infusions: palmtree cocodise, Spiru vitality, wicked rooibos, traditional rosehip, ibiza hierbas inspired, french lavender, orange bamboo immunity

* you can also check the 'ice tea proof' tag on our main page to see this selection.  BUT OF COURSE OUR ONE STEP ICE TEA BAGS ARE SPECIALLY MADE FOR THIS.