We asked owner Pieter Loridon about how the cold brew ice tea bags, soul & passion.

"This journey began whilst I was training at the gym whilst looking at the display of ‘energy’ drinks which I drank throughout my 15 year pro basketball career. And so, the idea came to me to create a super healthy 100% organic loose tea blend & cold brew it with cold water what made me discovering amazing benefits, effects and different tastes.

And so, it happened that couple months later the renowned 3 star chef Sergio Herman became enchanted by the cold brew method & philosophy, enhancing the taste in his own inimitable way using mint, pineapple and other complimentary fruits.

As the ball began to roll, the well-respected NewFysic Food coaches in Holland picked up this cold brew, and we created a customized blend for their 46 different venues. Working alongside them, we conducted a laboratory test in Germany, from which we received incredible results which proved that there are 3 times more antioxidants (EGCG & CATECHINES) in this blend because of these ingredients & cold brew method.

As always, I believe that things must grow organically, and the fact that this blend, which stemmed from a simple thought at the gym is now being used by this incredibly well-respected chef and food consultancy, pushed me even harder to develop and enhance this tea for everyone now. We now offer four blends, green tea with lemon, green tea, yerba mate and spirulina, red fruits containing many antioxidants, and a green tea & red fruits combination. Each of htese four brlends have their own healthy specifications. And most important as said SUGARFREE and no additives!!

Another way in which I receive positive energy and pride from this product is the fact that the packaging is created at a social workshop which gives people with mental health disabilities the opportunity to work at their own pace, in a safe and tolerant environment, allowing them to contribute towards and be a part of our hectic society.

I really believe that our society is becoming more and more open to the idea of changing their drinking habits and looking for sugar free alternatives. As we as consumers educate ourselves, and learn how to care for our bodies and minds, I believe that organic cold brew blends such as these can truly have a profound effect on our health and wellbeing."

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