Organic Red Chocolat

Price: €13,00

The Story

Get ready for a special new addition to our organic tea selection. This blend is made with the peel of the cocoa bean, which means there are no calories here! 
Crispy chocolate takes the stage with chocolate and the legendary juicy strawberry. The combination leaves you yearning for encores. Enjoy this tea on a sunny, breezy day while watching plump strawberries ripen in your garden. Or save it for dark, cold nights when it snows. Either way, this tea makes you feel warm inside.

Ingredients: Cocoa peel, apple pieces, rose hip peel, hibiscus blossoms, orange peel, freeze-dried strawberry pieces, marigold blossoms, natural flavoring

10 min / 95°C / theine - / organic

Online health info:

- High vitamin C and minerals
- Source of folic acid and potassium
- Helps remove free radicals from the body

Order your refill (100-200-300gr) & receive it in a bag that fits in your original storage can.