Cuerpo by Caroline

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The Story

Cuerpo by Caroline
When Cuerpo meets Café Couture
Caroline de Groof is a certified food & personal coach. That's why she believes in functional training combined with proper nutrition and personal guidance. She does so under the name Cuerpo and already is based in two locations. It was not long before she contacted us. She wanted to develop a tea for her customers that give energy, clean and are good for the stomach and digestion. So we ended up with this blend of green tea that still provides the right energy thanks to its theine, lemon (combined with green tea enhances as much as 13 times the active substances in the tea making it the perfect detox), and of course ginger which ensures optimum digestion. All this together makes a really nice blend! Be sure to try this as an ice tea with a slice of lemon, some fresh mint and fresh ginger pieces. Delicious!
Green tea from China, lemon zest, lemon grains, lemon grass, ginger pieces
Category Green Tea
1-3 min / 80 ° C / + theine / iced-tea + / 70gr
Online health information:
- Controlling cholesterol levels
- Supports slimming
- Good for concentration
- Energizer
- Use to stay alert
- Improves stamina
- Helps strengthen natural defenses
- Supports the metabolism
- Used to protect against free radicals
- Contains no calories
- Supports the blood flow
- Supports the immune system
- Promotes digestion
- Good for the intestinal flora
- Supports the blood flow
- Managing cholesterol levels