Coco Paradise - green tea with tropical touch

Price: €2,80

The Story

Who does not like the taste of pineapple and coconut? With the sunny touch of orange blossoms and tropical pineapple cubes, sips of this paradise blend take us back to beautiful summer sunsets at the beach, reliving the best holiday memories with this timeless green tea.

Ingrediënts: Green tea from China, pineapple cubes, coconut, orange blossoms

1-3 min / 80°C / thiine + / iced-tea +

Online health information:

- controls cholesterol levels
- supports during slimming
- promotes concentration
- gives energyboost
- can be used to stay more alert
- beneficial for stamina
- helps increase your natural defense 
- aids metabolism
- helps protect from free radicals
- aids blood circulation
- supports immune system

Order your refill (100-200-300gr) & receive it in a bag that fits in your original storage can.